Wyocarb.com Website Reboot

WEBSITE: wyocarb.com

wyocarb.com after the Project

wyocarb.com after the Project

Wyocarb Tool & Equipment Rental Website Reboot


Wyocarb Tool & Equipment Rentals (Wyocarb) is a small business in Sheridan Wyoming. Their project was unique in that, the company had been in place for some time and neither the old or new owners knew anything about updating it. The new owners contacted Big Shifter asking for some help in updating the website and understanding its current state. They desired to update some old information, create a new look and feel, and remove old data that was no longer applicable to their business.

Old wyocarb.com Website Design

Old wyocarb.com Website Design


Big Shifter sat down with Katie and Mark from Wyocarb to talk about the ‘pain points’ they were having with the site. They did not know where to start transitioning site ownership from the previous owner. The existing website was created many years ago and was severely outdated. Although there was no budget for a full-blown CMS (Content Management System) implementation, there was an understanding that something had to be done quickly.


Big Shifter implemented a website that was custom coded to replace the old one. The new design had updated information throughout and was modernized to modern design standards. Big Shifter took care of mobile users by providing a ‘mobile first’ approach design ensuring that mobile users had a first-class experience while browsing the website.


  • Worked with hosting ISP to transfer control of website to the new owners

  • Updated 1999 website with a new and modern design

  • Mobile design implementation

  • Digital Strategy Meetings

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