Discovery Phase Workshops

Sometimes you have business requirements that need to be satisfied, or better yet, maybe you don' t know your business requirements to the level needed to implement a good digital presence. The staff at Big Shifter has decades of experience working with small to large organizations helping them identify their business requirements. Our team works with your team to flush out the 'What', 'Why' and for 'Whom' in your marketing message. The 'How' comes later, but initially we can can help you find out your business needs using industry leading proven methods to get the most out of our time with you. We conduct virtual or on site workshops with your team and provide detailed documentation concerning our findings. 

Content Management

We offer content management services where we can manage content for you on a scheduled basis. Whether you need original content or industry specific content, we can generate that for you to help keep your site up to date with fresh content and keep it moving forward.


If you are a new kid on the block or have been around a while you may be looking at your brand and have determined it needs help. Big Shifter is the team you need to help build a complete branding solution for your organization. From logos, color palettes, branding books, guidelines, print standards to online usage standards, we can help you create and maintain your brand. These tools can be created for your organization to ensure brand consistency, clarity and message so that you can be sure that your efforts always have the best representation of your organization.

Custom Design

Your brand is your mark on the world and sometimes you just need a custom designed website to suit your specific branding needs. We can work with you to come up with a unique design that will represent you and resonate with your audience. Our team of designers have empathetic approaches that will make you feel as if they are a part of your team. 

Site Migration

Our staff has migrated many sites to different platforms and migrating your content to takes the same approach. We work with your team to identify content, run through its information architecture (IA) and develop the best migration plan for your content using both automated and manual processes where needed.

Custom Development

Our development team can create just about anything you need to help with your custom website needs. If you find that our packages do not fit your needs or that, our CMS provider, does not do what you need it to, we can build a custom solution for your organization.