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Listen Ministries Website

Listen Ministries Website


Listen Ministries, a newly formed nonprofit,  needed a website to get the word out about their mission: to provide Christian counseling services to pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders. They didn't have a digital marketing presence and approached Big Shifter for help.

As with any fledgling organization they need to start from scratch and it was tough them to know how to get started without someone coming along side them. 

I entered the project knowing nothing; Erik educated me on everything he did. He always answered my questions promptly and changes I suggested were never a burden. His creativity was marvelous and his editing superb.
— Ken Banks, President


I worked with Ken in the early stages of the project using my proven methodology of a Project Discovery meeting. We spoke in length about Listen Ministries’ mission and goals. We determined that they not only needed a website but also logo design, copywriting and branding.


We implemented Big Shifter's Standard Website Package for Listen Ministries which included a content authoring, branding, integrating a third party donation platform and content management training. The site is hosted with and the third party donation solution is


  • Base Web Package Website

  • Re-sampling icons and graphics

  • Mobile friendly (works well on smart phones and tablets)

  • Flexible donations package.

  • Website was live on time and on budget.

  • Domain Name configuration

  • Google Analytics integration

  • SEO Services

  • Content Management Training

  • Design Services

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