Transition Habitat Conservancy Website Reboot

Website Before Working With Big Shifter

The Transition Habitat Conservancy (THC) is a nonprofit organization in California that works to preserve and care for fragile and pristine desert areas. Their website was not working optimally for them to get the word out to their constituents and partners.


THC had a website in place for several years but they needed something more. Their site had an older design that was an inefficient representation of the organization's desire to engage their site visitors. Their site was also not designed to support mobile devices and they saw their mobile users increasing year over year.

The Big Shifter team really helped us transition to an up-to-date site. From site-building to domain transfer, they were professional, attentive to our questions, and flexible to our schedule. We will continue to use their assistance as we take the reigns to our new website and navigate our new online opportunities.
— Cody Hanford, Executive Director


Our team guided THC through our website project process starting with gathering Business Requirements. Once we collected input from the THC staff, Big Shifter kicked off the project and immediately started work.

A unique consideration for the THC project was that they had already created a Squarespace site and seeded it with content. But they were stuck. We, at Big Shifter, normally like to start with a clean slate to ensure that working outside of our optimized processes do not incur additional fees for the client. In this case, THC had not ventured too much into the wild and we were able to re-use and optimize their content. Throughout the project, we periodically met with THC staff to gather more content and strategize how content would be arranged. 


Big Shifter also conducted staff training to do a knowledge transfer so they knew how to do content management basics and understand how the site was put together.


We implemented our Standard Website Package for THC which included a content review, authoring some new pages, integrating a third party donations platform and content management training. The site is hosted with


  • Base Web Package Website

  • Re-sampling icons and graphics

  • Mobile friendly (works well on smart phones and tablets)

  • Flexible donations package.

  • Website was live on time and on budget.

  • Domain Name Transferred to Google Domains

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Content Management Training

  • Integrating third party mapping tools

THC Website after Big Shifter Partnership