Almost Home Boxer Rescue


Almost Home Boxer Rescue is a Phoenix-based,  nonprofit animal rescue that specializes in the Boxer dog breed. They foster and adopt out boxers without the need of a shelter. They work extensively with volunteers to do community outreach, foster dogs and work on finding new homes for them. 


The organization had a website that had been around for a while but was not hitting the right queues when trying to get their message to their intended audience. In fact, the website was hand-built in raw HTML so that it was essentially un manageable except by the developer of the site. This caused a lot of confusion and lag time for site updates as they had to go through one person and that person could only update the site when they were available. In addition, the site was not designed with current coding standards to take advantage of modern browsers and mobile devices. Almost Home Boxer Rescue was stuck and couldn't see a way out.


When Big Shifter first started working with Almost Home Boxer Rescue, we knew that their story and the story of their adopted boxers was critical to their message. Their team had already done a great job writing stories for their old website so Big Shifter had good content to start with. Big Shifter worked out a new information architecture to shuffle some navigation and restructure page content to take full advantage of the new look and feel.


We worked with the Almost Home Boxer Rescue team to select the correct template and to select imagery that was a proper fit for the different areas of the site. In order to effectively tell their stories, imagery was going to be key. Big Shifter also implemented the new information architecture to change the navigation of the site to be more logical. All images were manipulated and refreshed to be brighter and more inviting. Big Shifter also digitized critical forms from downloadable files to online forms that can be filled out and submitted to the correct contact within the organization.


  • Major redesign of their previous version.

  • Its mobile friendly (works well on smart phones and tablets)

  • Tells their story more accurately

  • Digitized forms for more efficient workflow

  • Allows the organization's team to update the site and not be a slave to a developer.

Site Before Using Big Shifter

Site After Using Big Shifter