Social Media Setup

Social Media Setup


Social Media isn't just for teenagers and handlebar mustache hipsters. It's a critical strategy of nonprofits in 2015 to get the word out about their cause and drive people to their website.

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Setting up your social media accounts can be a daunting exercise. What social media services should you use? What type of content should you publish? How often should you post content? Big Shifter will set you up for success, then can manage content and schedules for maximum efficiency.

Our One-Time Setup Fee will create initial accounts for your organization in up to three social media providers. We will also deliver a Big Shifter social media strategy guide to maximize your online impact.

Once you have your social media accounts, they require consistent and persistent messaging, even when you don't have a lot of followers. Big Shifter's monthly services can help you make sure you stay on target with messaging and scheduling. We will also provide monthly statistics so that you know how much of an impact you are creating.