SEO - Search Engine Optimization $99/mo.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization $99/mo.


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  • Boost Search Rankings
  • Comprehensive SEO Checklist
  • Monthly Reports
  • Phone & Email Support

Our Process Includes:

  1. Running a website crawl to identify website architecture problems
  2. Working with your content managers or change the website for you to address the crawl issues
  3. Optimizing the site on targeted keywords utilizing keyword reports
  4. Registering with local search engines to ensure that your business listings are correct, consistent, and visible across the web
  5. Registering your site with Google webmaster tools, submitting a sitemap, and setting up an account with Google My Business

One Time or Recurring?

Many of our clients need just a single month of optimization work to achieve their goals. Others are looking for long term SEO development to perform on highly competitive keywords. We offer both! Choose the plan most relevant to you!