Big Shifter's mission is to partner with people that have causes worth fighting for, businesses they want to grow, and lives they want to impact.

My desire is to help those that have hearts to change the world through kindness and service. I know that organizations have a tough time starting up to change their part of the world. I understand the drive to do something different motivates you to get up in the morning. Although you may know what impact you want to make and why you need to make it happen, its often the 'how' that is elusive, especially when it comes to your website and all of the things needed to support your online efforts.


To be the digital marketing agency of choice for nonprofits, agencies and organizations.


Work hard and let people give us accolades on our accomplishments and let our work speak for itself.


I have have a long history working with businesses and organizations. I have always been impacted working as a team member with my clients. Every relationship is an opportunity for me to grow and learn. I think that organizations have the potential to make an impact on society with their message, product or service.

I've been involved in everything from government employment, to startup businesses, '.com' website design, engineering and deployment, ministry and teaching children in after-school programs. My legacy of working with myriads of companies and organizations is a badge of honor that I wear humbly because I know I can do more.


Erik Kulvinskas Headshot Photo

Erik Kulvinskas
Founder/Digital Strategy Director

Erik is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation (yes that's right). He has over 25 years of experience in website creation, content management strategy, analytics and digital marketing. His journey in the field started when he had a choice to make from being a Grant Program Coordinator at Arizona State Parks to go into the field of digital content management and marketing and he never looked back. He's launched 'dot coms' before they were called 'dot coms',  owned his own company, raced mountain bikes competitively, directed several software teams and successfully launched countless websites. He has a knack for explaining technical concepts to people who could care less about the jargon of the day.

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Suzanne Kulvinskas
Operations Director

Suzanne is a gifted Administrator and keeps the wheels on the road when it comes to all things Big Shifter. Whether keeping our books, managing client accounts or helping project manage, Suzy provides the stability to excel at what we do. As a client, you'll probably deal with Suzy one way or another even if you will never hear her voice. She has a background in office administration, book-keeping and she was a Certified Nurses Assistant for several years. Did we mention she's helped our family put two kids through college?